Kor Organic Eggs has won “The Superior Taste Award” from Europe’s most prestigious competition arranged by iTQi which is Bruxelles / Belgium origined after the tests of 120 gourmets. 

Besides that Kor Organic Eggs has also won “Turkey’s Most Appreciated and Recommended Brand Award” from Consumer Protection Association twice. 

Scientific Approach to Production of Organic Eggs...

Kor Eggs is the only company in its sector which approachs and manages the process of organic egg production in a scientific way. The production of Organic eggs is being performed under the supervision of our founder Dr. İsmail Kor with the measures of world standards, meticulously. 

Mr. İsmail have taken his master degree and doctorate in Department of Animal Breeding in Ege University after he was graduated from the Department of Zootechnics in the Faculty of Agriculture of the same university. He has performed many works on natural colorants in Poultry Feeding. 

Secret of the Color of Egg...

Color of the yellow part of egg is related with the food of chickens. Sources of colors are many. In organic production, preference of the world is in favor of “natural colorants”. Red and yellow are its basic colors. Red color is obtained from red pepper (Paprika), and yellow color is obtained from Marigold (Tegetes Erecta). 

Color in food affects the sense of taste. For this reason, we add compositions like red pepper, alfalfa meal to our chickens' forage in convenient proportions in order to color the eggs. 

We raise the flowers in our farms, thus we perform Marigold agriculture every year. Starting in spring and continuing with planting of flower seedlings in early May, this progress is completed by grinding of rosebuds which are gathered from farms every evening 

Shortly, the color which is desired on eggs by our customers is provided with natural plants for our chickens which are raised according to the standards of organic egg quality. 

Large and Natural Farm Land...

kor yumurta farkı Production of organic eggs requires a natural environment of certain size on which chickens can freely wander, scratch the soil and feed. 

Kor Eggs farm in the village of Çınardibi, Bayındır has a special environemnt required for a healthy organic production due to having a large land far from urban transformation, natural water springs, green plant cover and a natural fabric. 

Our chickens are fed with only certified, GMO-free, one hundred percent organic forage, no agricultural pesticides are used in or near farm land, and all the requirements of organic agriculture are performed in a painstaking and scientifical way